Fix EdgeMax Lite Failed USB

Posted by Robert Brightling on Sat 09 April 2016

My EdgeMax router recently went down and stopped working. I managed to diagnose it as an issue with the USB by removing it and tr

At the time I didn't have a serial cable to be able to diagnose the boot so had to somewhat guess. Trying to do a 'dd' of the drive d

The basics are to use a msdos table with a fat32 first partition and a second ext3 partition. You can download the firmware for the O

I tried playing with the partitions a little; but, this resulted in a non working system. A GPT table didn't work and the booting OS

Still I'm glad I known now that the EdgeMAX is easily restored if I mess up the OS by re-flashing the USB pen. It is based on debian

Side notes: the Sandisk 8GB fit I first bought for this didn't work. This used to be a recommended stick but seems to now have issues

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