Intel Released New Atom Server Processor

Posted by Robert Brightling on Thu 05 January 2017

From the [intel ark website]( details on a new Intel® Atom™ Processor has been released. It would take a while to become available but I'm looking forward to them.

I've just ported my raspberry pi servers to an old Intel Atom D2700 which while more powerful is still not a great server box and makes an even worse Linux box (Thanks to the GMA3600 graphics and lack of cpufreq driver). The lack of Virtualisation extensions and limited SATA ports limit what I can really do with it as part of a home lab.

The new C3000 series looks likely to support better Virtualisation and possibly up to 10 SATA ports which is far more than I would like need.

Currently only details on a 2 core version have been released; I'm hoping for a 4 core or maybe even more if the benchmarks show good power scaling when not under load.