A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV review

Posted by Robert Brightling on Mon 10 April 2017

Set before the events of Final Fantasy XV, King Regis tells Noctis a bedtime story based on an adventure he has in his youth. Regis chases after a crystal through the Lucian lands which has been stolen by an mysterious villain. Regis received help from trusted companions and the Astrals in battling through monsters and daemons.

A quick fun game, it takes the theme of Final Fantasy XV and turned it into a old school 2.5D side scrolling fighter. I really liked the reto feel, the story scenes reminded me of playing my first games on MSDOS. The story is mostly inconsequential however does give a touching scene of a father telling is son a bedtime story. It doesn't expand on the universe much and I didn't feel added to my understanding on the main Final Fantasy XV story.

The game is done in a style to look like an old game from the 90's; however, it has a modern and sleek gameplay. The game is fluid with the game mechanics built up over the time of the story. There are different physical and magical attacks, with each monster having a different weakness and counters. This is simple when first introduced with the single new enemy type, but quickly becomes fundamental when crowds of different monsters are on screen to know which attacks to use.

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV is a short, fun game which felt well polished and I enjoyed. I was hoping the story would have given a better insight into either the paste adventures of Regis or the relationship between Regis and Noctis. I really liked the style and the game itself and the story wasn't bad, just forgettable.