Child of Light review

Posted by Robert Brightling on Tue 17 October 2017

Child of Light follows the story of Aurora, a princess, who falls ill and wakes up in the strange and wondrous land of Lemuria. Upon awaking, Aurora meets a friendly firefly called Igniculus. Igniculus helps guide Aurora through the dark lands and battle the fearsome creatures who inhabit it. Aurora embarks on a quest to bring back the light while find a way back to her Father. Aurora meets a Lemuria citizens in her adventure who she helps and helped by in return.

Child of Light is a charming 2D platformer/Role playing game. Characters and the landscape are beautifully drawn while I found the music always emotive and fitting. I really liked the small details, such as how Aurora hair moves with motion and how shadows are cast by the light. The games dialogue is all rhymed, while this is cute, it can be a little stretched at times and hard to read when there is a lot happening on screen. It might not be for everyone but I quite liked it.

In Combat you have a selection of two party members facing against up-to three enemies. Igniculus is in battle with you, with ability to heal or blind the enemy by shinning light, slowing their actions. At first, I felt it a bit odd to only have two characters against three; however, I think it works well. It puts a greater importance on a characters abilities and changing them in battle is simple and quick. There is also Igniculus who could count as a third character, and utilising them in battle becomes an important strategically.

Combat is turn based with a timeline timeline, which is split into _wait_ and _cast_ time. How fast a character moves across the timeline is based on their speed. Once passed the wait time they can _act_, such as attacking, defending, using an item or casting a spell. Each action takes different amount of time to _cast_. If a character is hit during the cast time they are interrupted and set back into wait time. Mechanically, this is simple; however, when playing it gives a deep and engaging gameplay.

It isn't just the best option to spam hard hitting multi target attacks, these have the longest cast time and are easily interrupted. Thus many variables need to be considered. Is it best to attack a weakened creature and try to finish them off or to interrupt another enemy before they can launch an attack. Can I pull off an attack or should I just avoid being interrupted and defend (reducing damage taken and speeds up the next wait turn). Should I attack now or defend and wait till next round to possibly lunch a more powerful but slower attack. These are many more things are presented in almost every battle.

I really loved the style of art, music and gameplay. Child of Light a hard game to find any fault with. The story is a cute fairy tale and I felt it could have been better if voiced more; but, that is a minor complaint in an otherwise great game. Child of Light is an intriguing and delightful experience. Some parts my not be for everyone, but it is certain a game I would recommend.