Game of Thrones (A Telltale Game) review

Posted by Robert Brightling on Thu 12 October 2017

Games of Thrones follows the events of the House Forrester, loyal to House Stark, shortly following the events of the Red Wedding. With their forces decimated The Whitehills, a long feuding rival house, are looking to capitalise on the weakness. House Forrester must try and keep their lands, house and survive, temper the unwieldy Whitehills and forge new, lasting and prosperous allies in Kings Landing. Gared Tuttle, a squire to house Forrester, searches for the meaning of the north grove, the last command given by the late Lord Forrester.

A Telltale game, decisions and diversions are made from dialogue choices. Choices are given a time limit to choose or no choice is made (which is always a choice itself). The limited time can really add to the pressure of the choices and increases the pace of the game; leading to often not thinking everything through and having to take the gut option.

True to its source material, the decisions made in the game can lead to quick and brutal responses. Every clever move often turns into a misstep, no decision has an obvious choice and you life is always at stake. The game really takes to heart the quote "when you play game of thrones, you win or you die". Often when I felt I had done well with an encounter a character or event would react unfavourably and I would lose my hard won advantage.

Once I got into the right mindset for Game of Thrones I enjoyed the experience. I do wonder if any decisions I made could have lead to a happier outcomes. The ending left me feeling like it was all build up to a sequel (which is luckly coming) rather than a satisfying end to this season. I really liked the characters models and voices being tied to the TV series which gives the story some connection to the wider Game of Thrones universe. I liked how the high stakes made to choices challenging and how you were never too sure where the story would take you.