InFamous: Second Son review

Posted by Robert Brightling on Thu 23 March 2017

InFamous Second Son starts a new story ark with your taking control of Delsin. Delsin lives a normal life until three conduits escape from a military D.U.P transport; while helping a conduits trapped in the transport Delsin absorbs their smoke power becoming an active conduit. When the ruthless leader of the D.U.P, Augustine, comes to apprehend the escaped "bio-terroists", she tortures Delsin and his follow villagers leaving them dieing from concrete left in their bodies. Delsin sets off with his Sheriff brother to get revenge and saves his villagers.


Infamous is about the choice between good and evil, with little nuance. Sometimes the choices feel like they have strong consequences while others feel a bit weak. The choices the game offers sometimes can be genuinely hard(when playing as evil anyway); but also often feel abstract which lessens the impact. An example is the choice to "corrupt" or "save" fellow conduits. This choice is made prior to starting the mission instead of giving you the option at the time of an incident, such as killing an enemy or saving the hostage.

I find the Infamous games to be formulaic. Each chapter of the story follows a pattern: track, leech, powerup, help, next. The open world is divided into sections; where each section has the same unlock missions with a final 'clear' mission. However the game is well focused and paced, with a well sized open world environment and none of the content feels overdone.


Second Son is a fun and fast paced action adventure which really does well at conveying the feeling of being super human. The powers are well balanced and I found myself taking advantage of all the game features for different situations. The interesting thing about infamous is how the karma affects the play style. Normally with Evil being Power and Destruction while Good gets precision and protection. This does keep the game fresh on a second play through.

The new feature for Second Sons in Delsin's ability to change super powers based on the last power source Delsin drains. This further adds to keeping the game fresh with the different powers changing the way to approach situations and navigate around the world. Each power has a different set of abilities which aren't just a copy of each with a different coloured skin. Smoke is powerful but short ranged, shotguns and rockets. Neon is long ranged and precise sniping. TV being subtle and tactical sneaking.


Infamous does well for a open world city game with no noticeable flaws; other than some of the in game character animations can look jerky and off. It lacks style however, it like a "Computer Game". I feel that with the comic book theme of the game, a cell shaded style would work and give it a bit more of an identity.


The infamous games give you a fun romp at having super powers and the moral choices it would bring. The NPC's are the strong part of experience but I felt could have been more strongly utilised in the story. The games does well at giving lots of options in the gameplay which keeps it from becoming dull or feeling too repetitive.


There is an extra game on the Playstation 4 called "Paper Trail". It's a really interesting experience where you solve puzzles through websites and follow the trail of a mystery in the game. It's a really immersive experience which helps to flesh out the motives and events of the main game and is well worth playing.