Just Cause 3 review

Posted by Robert Brightling on Fri 13 October 2017

In Just Cause 3 you play as Rico Rodriguez returning to free his homeland from the tyrannical rule of Di Ravello. With the help of other revolutionaries Rico must take over the lands of Medici by destroying the military bases which are used to suppress the population. To achieve this goal Rico uses his signature grapple and parachutes with some new technology to quickly manoeuvre around the island and out manoeuvre the enemy.

The gameplay in Just Cause is fast and fun, the grapple gives you many ways to approach situations and ingenious way of dispatching enemies. There is a lot of content in Just Cause; however, it lacks detail or uniqueness, you would be hard pressed to point out the different between one town and the next. It reminds me almost of only doing 10 lines of homework and copying and pasting it to fill the page. Due to this I almost tried to do the minimal I could. Freeing an area didn't hold enticement after I knew I would already be having to do it many times in the game.

The story also doesn't do much to draw me in. The villain is almost comically evil with no depth, and I was quite disappointed by the ending. The side characters have some interest, bring some soul but not really being utilised enough or given enough depth.

Rico basically spends his time destroying a developing countries resources, energy supply and transport links. No thought is ever given to any innocent life lost; you can quite literally throw allies out of helicopters. Almost what would you rather have, a tyrannical psychopath ruling your country, and an anarcho psychopath destroying it.

Overall, Just Cause is a fun romp that just outstays its welcome by trying to sell itself with too much content and not enough ideas to fill it with. I somewhat knew that before starting and it doesn't try and sell itself as much more.