Mass Effect 3 review

Posted by Robert Brightling on Tue 13 June 2017

Mass Effect 3 is the final instalment in the Mass Effect Trilogy and sees Commander Shepard faced with a full scale invasion from the Reaper threat. Reapers invade earth and Shepard must flee, leaving Ether in taters, to try and united the council races in their fight to save humanity and the galaxy. Shepard finds a galaxy underprepared and under-siege, the council is divided.

Mass Effect 3 is a big step in style towards a more cinematic game. The gameplay is faster, smoother and intuitive with big set pieces which helps add to the final epic feel of the series. The improved controls help make Shepard feel more deadly, able to take out armies of enemies, and give the character a natural feel of growth. I felt the game had been streamlined, more focus on story and action. Gone are the constant minigames and dull side quests. The morality systems was simplified into a single type.

I really liked the conclusion of the series. I was at war, a hopeless war, where I did everything I could to win allies and secure victory; even if that meant having to sacrifice friends for the greater good. I want to play through, a different character, different choices, a different universe? I hope that the choices I felt gave me my worlds are real and that the second play-thought doesn't break an illusion of choice. It will wait, but this is one game I look forward to playing thought hopefully with a HD remix.