South Park: Stick of Truth review

Posted by Robert Brightling on Mon 03 April 2017

In South Park: The Stick of Truth you play as a new kid who's just moved into south park. You're sent out by your parents to make friends with the neighbourhood children, who are playing a fantasy war between humans and elves. By befriending the locals of southpark you go on an epic and unexpected journey to change the fate of the war.


South Park: Stick of Truth is an amazingly good game, not just a good South Park game but also a good RPG. It has the humour you would expect from South Park in everything, game and story.It is a game for fans, made up from many of the best episode themes across seasons and seamlessly mixing them into an awesome and disgusting funny story.

The main quest switches from exploring the town of South Park during the day with a linear episodic night adventure. There are side quests which are nicely tied to characters, which are short but generally interesting. There is a selection of six buddies, one of whom can explore and fight with you, each with unique reactions and fight style.


I really liked the way that The Stick of Truth created an interactive JRPG battle style of combat. While the combat is turned based, the actions all required their own unique quick time events to pull off effectively. This makes the combat engaging, not a simple menu selection game. Characters level up and get more powerful; but, to really reach the full potential you'll also have to learn the timings and buttons to pull of each attack. It isn't amazingly well balanced technically which is likely it's biggest weakness, but this doesn't take away from the fun.

The gameplay takes the tropes found in JRPGS and gives them a South Park twist. You get South Park styled armour and weapons to attack with, special attacks and funny takes on using everyday items to create RPG style attacks. From doing side quests you gain friends who come to your aid as powerful summons. South Park: The Stick of Truth isn't just a generic JRPG with a South Park skin, but one of the funnest JRPGs I've played.


The Style of the game is a 2.5D world, everything is drawn in the 2D style of the TV show but you can move on a 3D plane. The art is true to South Park with the exact style of the TV show, giving it a real authenticity and felt like taking control of the TV show. There are a few issues with frame rates dropping which is a shame and I had 1 game breaking glitch but luckily the save system got me out of it.


South Park: Stick of Truth is a authentic South Park and JRPG experience and doesn't compromise or feel like a cash in on either themes, it could stand on its own as ether a movie or gameplay. I loved the way it used the wealth of South Park history and characters and brought back a lot of nostalgia for the series. While not a game for everyone, this is certainly a game for any JRPG fans of South Park.