Valiant Hearts: The Great War review

Posted by Robert Brightling on Wed 18 October 2017

Valiant Hearts: the Great War is about interweaving character stories in World War 1 on the Western Front. Karl, a German living in France, is deported to German and enlisted to fight for the Germans. Emile, Karls farther in law and a peaceful farmer, is conscripted in the French army and sent to fight at the front line. Emile befriends Freddie, an American who has joined to war for revenge. All the characters are saved multiple times by Anna, a Belgium veterinary student, who is trying to free her father. Together they help each other trying to survive the war and return to a normal life with their loved ones.

Valiant Hearts has a lovely unique style which I really liked. Character speak is an almost indecipherable mumble; instead messages are conveyed with pictographic speech bubbles which where simple and quickly got across the current objectives. I found this worked really well and added to the charm. Despite the simplicity the emotion of the characters are still really well conveyed with gestures and framing.

The game is a platform puzzler. Most puzzles involve getting items and using levers in the right order to achieve an objective. All the puzzles and cleverly designed and work seamlessly with the story narrative. While not massively cognitively challenging the puzzles are sill interesting and kept my attention working them out.

I really liked playing Valiant Heart, both the story and puzzles are interesting. I really liked how each scene had related historical facts to read and how the collectable items all had descriptions of their use during the war. Valiant Heart really a gives unique perspective on war from a game; the consequences it has on real people lives, the impact on families and the loss of life.